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Floyd Construction has completed the work on phase 1 of one of Calgary’s newest communities. Legacy, located in south Calgary is at the forefront of innovative community development.

Our work on this community ranged from ornamental fencing to masonry, but our most impressive contributions were the community features constructed at the entrance and throughout the main boulevard.

The style of the community features emulates traditional European stone construction. Arches, paths, observation points and a clock tower create an engaging environment for the residences.

A project this extensive comes with many unique challenges. In order to create the uniform arches on each feature we manufactured four identical steel forms; this allowed us to maintain consistency throughout each feature as well as ensure a smooth and uniform finish on the concrete surface.

After the concrete structures were poured for the features, our talented masons went to work to finish the look. The unique style of these features is complimented throughout the community by ornamental fencing with stone pillars and stylish landscape elements. These features bring life to the public spaces of the community and provide areas for people to gather.

Stay tuned for our next feature project over the coming months as we construct boardwalks over an engineered wetland area in Auburn Bay.

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